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What will you discover in UbiZ?

Right here, right now

Get access in real time to discounts and exclusive benefits wherever you are!

Be part and get benefits!

Participate in monthly prizes and draws just to use the App.

Stay informed!

Receiving all the Push notifications of the promotions of the companies that you have selected in every moment.


With UbiZ we develop the best tools using geolocation system so you can enjoy a unique experience with your choices.


Access to ebooks, videos and explore all the benefits that UbiZ has to offer.

A real community

Ask and get opinions and references to those who have already experienced what you are interested in, share your photos, comments and opinions of the things you like.

UbiZ for Business

Promote your business generating the loyalty of your customers. Manage and grow your Business!

Keep your App and your brand relevant to customers. Meet, encourage and reward ...

Last Merchants Registered...

  • La colmena agro veterinaria
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Natura pereira on-line
    Pereira - Colombia
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    Pereira - Colombia
  • Modern house
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Salsamentaria yaja
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Hola chuleton
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Estanquillo zona 7
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Ferriequipos jp
    Soacha - Colombia
  • El rinconcito de la costeña
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Spa de uñas dolce vita
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Lm renueva tu piel
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Autofermin
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Paola marin odontologa
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Quimicos y perfumería
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Comercializadora belleza madam
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Inmobiliaria fenix lc
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Restaurante sazón chen
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Papas top
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Magic nails
    Pereira - Colombia
  • Oasis on line
    Cipolletti - Argentina
  • Hay tennis
    Mosquera - Colombia
  • Patagonia speedway
    Cipolletti - Argentina
  • Centro cardiológico
    Milagro - Ecuador
  • U_b_i_z fidelity
    Tigre - Argentina
  • Agencia de marketing hibena
    Santafé de bogotá - Colombia
  • Ifls + eici – evento acicam
    Santafé de bogotá - Colombia
  • Information center cw
    Willemstad - Curacao
  • Comunicación móvil
    Puebla de zaragoza - Mexico
  • Todo a 50
    Cancún - Mexico
  • Kalidak shop
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Cabañas camino al cielo
    Fúquene - Colombia
  • Espetada house
    Willemstad - Curacao
  • Stupid fries
    Chiang mai - Thailand
  • Hop chefe
    Chiang mai - Thailand
  • Roastniyom
    Chiang mai - Thailand
  • 89 cheese day
    Chiang mai - Thailand
  • ขาหมูเยอรมัน 5 ดาว
    Chiang mai - Thailand
  • โครงการหลวง 89 พลาซ่า
    Chiang mai - Thailand
  • จีซีเวลเนสเฮาส์ คลินิก
    Chiang mai - Thailand
  • ต้อม เดี๋ยวเรือยกซด
    Chiang mai - Thailand

With UbiZ create unique
experiences for your customers

Create dynamic messages based on your customers' location, preferences and more.
Drive actions that guide your customers to interact with your business. Connect with your customers
at the right time and place, through push notifications in real time.


We accompany you step by step with our explanatory e-books and videos where you can explore the full potential of new technologies applied to Customer Loyalty

MARKETING one-on-one

Personalized marketing allows you to publicize and promote your business. With UbiZ we provide you with all the tools to launch your loyalty program to your customers and encourage them with raffles, prizes and marketing actions for their smartphones.


UbiZ is a tool with the perfect channel for the most effective advertising in the world. Think about the importance of generating a bond with the client so that he can be present in his day to day; exploit this feature for the success of your business!

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