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UbiZ is a social global network which operates through proximity. UbiZ allows you to get access to events, promotions, discounts and activities in your area. UbiZ connects you with your friends and new friends, share your experience with them wherever you are.

How does it work?

UbiZ works through localization - see other Members and what is happening all around you.
UbiZ is global so you can use it wherever you travel and even select the language depending on the country you are in.

Download UbiZ to your phone or tablet, enter your profile information in the social network and begin to enjoy a new world around you.


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Created through collective experience

What will you discover in UbiZ?

Connect to others!

A public chat room connects you with the people in your local radius.

Right here, right now

Get access in real time to discounts and exclusive benefits. Restaurants, bars, events, concerts, activities, shops and much more where you are right now!

Spread the word!

Recommend the places that you like! Shops, events and activities!

A real community

Ask for and get opinions and referrals from those who have already experienced what are you are interested in!

Set up your profile

Select your privacy setting to be visible only when you want. Whatever you choose you will continue to enjoy all the benefits that UbiZ has to offer.

Share with the world!

Share your photos, comments and opinions on what matters to YOU!


Get more customers walking through your door... UbiZ helps Merchants manage and grow their businesses!

Reach the right people… Right near YOU! Local Members will automatically receive notifications from their local Merchants.


Last Merchants Registered...

  • Alada, S.L. Peluqueros
    Torrejón De ... - Spain
  • Bar Paninoteca Fiorello
    Menfi - Italy
  • ντελόγο
    Athínai - Greece
  • Rix Pawn Shop
    Polokwane - South Africa
  • Embutidos Hnos. Quinte...
    Monesterio - Spain
  • Pub La Ponderosa
    Monesterio - Spain
  • Puntonet Informatica
    Monesterio - Spain
  • Restaurante La Ponderosa
    Monesterio - Spain
  • Tecnivid Fabricacion E...
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Arte Corte
    Monesterio - Spain
  • Hotel Los Templarios
    Jerez De Los... - Spain
  • Aiyellow
    - - United States
  • Tienda Sanisimo
    Cartago - Colombia
  • Officina Toro
    Militello In... - Italy
  • F.Lli Vitali Di Giampi...
    Militello In... - Italy
  • Rincon De Rafa
    Torrejón De ... - Spain
  • Restaurante El Soto
    Torrejón De ... - Spain
  • Coraldent Centro Impla...
    Torrejón De ... - Spain
  • μιχαλησ μητροπουλοσ
    Glyfáda - Greece
  • Ortodoncia Doctor Vice...
    Villavicencio - Colombia
  • Carita Hair Salon
    Simpson Bay - Sint Maarten
  • Mildred D.S Su Peluqueria
    Bucaramanga - Colombia
  • Noche Y Dia
    Torrejón De ... - Spain
  • Meson Restaurante Astu...
    Torrejón De ... - Spain
  • Tinnirino
    Militello In... - Italy
  • Easy Health Wellness
    Pretoria - South Africa
  • Bar Casa Ana
    Brenes - Spain
  • Ferretería Alfonso
    Sevilla - Spain
  • Passario
    Northmead - South Africa
  • Sombreros En Cancun So...
    Cancún - Mexico
  • Centro De Estimulacion...
    Cartago - Colombia
  • Mariachi Tamaulipas
    Ibarra - Ecuador
  • Virutas Coffees & Lounge
    Zafra - Spain
  • Bali Bali
    Hout Bay - South Africa
  • Farmacia Ragusa
    Militello In... - Italy
  • Di Renda Massimo
    Militello In... - Italy
  • Hout Bay Office National
    Hout Bay - South Africa
  • Di Santo Partenope
    Militello In... - Italy
  • Teatro Hidalgo De Ameca
    Ameca - Mexico
  • Auto Ricambi Giannuso
    Militello In... - Italy
  • Hey Sugar
    Torrejón De ... - Spain
  • Clínica Durá Cazorla. ...
    Málaga - Spain
  • Bellisima Boutique Ameca
    Ameca - Mexico
  • Bordados Bordar Ideas
    Bogotá - Colombia
  • Ampla Assessoria Contábil
    Novo Gama - Brasil
  • Compuprint Impresión D...
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Patronato Enasc Castel...
    Castelvetrano - Italy
  • Luqui Luqui Bar
    Puerto De Sa... - Spain
  • σχολη χορου αιγαλεω Da...
    αιγάλεω - Greece
  • Posticino
    Hout Bay - South Africa
  • Chapmans Peak Hotel
    Hout Bay - South Africa
  • Clarens Wellness Day Spa
    Clarens - South Africa
  • Chapmans Peak Liquor S...
    Hout Bay - South Africa
  • Proplumb
    Polokwane - South Africa
  • Papeleria Escobar Dist...
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Refaccionaria David
    Ciudad De Mé... - Mexico
  • Electropacheco S.A.S
    Bogotá - Colombia
  • Agriturismo Case Sgara...
    Castelvetrano - Italy
  • Vittorio Emanuele B&B ...
    Sciacca - Italy
  • Grupo Palmadera Constr...
    Chame - Panama
  • Promoción
    Puebla - Mexico
  • Xacca Mare Pescheria
    Sciacca - Italy
  • Macabo
    Athens - Greece
  • Fairfield Meat Centre
    Parow - South Africa
  • Hilite Bellville
    Bellville - South Africa
  • Andrienna Lodge Bracke...
    Brackenfell - South Africa
  • Autoescuela Autovía
    Bormujos - Spain
  • Bar Frank E Cristian Bar
    Furci Siculo - Italy
  • La Ghiotta Trattoria P...
    Sciacca - Italy
  • La Focacceria
    Agrigento - Italy
  • Bet Cafe Sciacca
    Sciacca - Italy
  • Edwar Coppen Products
    Ciudad De Mé... - Mexico
  • Publicidad En Redes 911
    Puebla - Mexico
  • Pesca Deportiva Los Lagos
    Cartago - Colombia
  • Ib. Sierra De Cazalla-...
    Cazalla De L... - Spain
  • Perfumes Gennericos
    Navalmoral D... - Spain
  • Xtu Negocio
    Navalmoral D... - Spain
  • Perfumes Gennericos
    Miajadas - Spain
  • Xtu Negocio
    Miajadas - Spain
  • Perfumes Gennericos
    Trujillo - Spain
  • Puzzle Diseño
    Sanlúcar La ... - Spain
  • Acdigweb
    Santo André - Brasil
UbiZ gets our Merchants closer to...
  • UbiZ members.
  • Members travelling in the Merchant's local area.
  • UbiZ members who have been referred to the Merchant.
  • UbiZ is a global platform that can reach all members and connect them with local Merchants in "real time" and at no additional charge.
One-on-one marketing

One on one personalized marketing allows the Merchant to advertise and promote the selected features of their business to the Member market of their choice.

Promote your business

Merchants control the content of their offerings through their on-line UbiZ Office. Advertisements, promotions and specials are published and supported by uploading content like coupons, menus, maps etc.

For the Merchants - by the Merchants
Total customization… results in measurable market responses.

UbiZ is also a customer-to-customer referral tool, the perfect channel for "word of mouth" advertising the most powerful advertising in the world. Members will delight in referring their friends and family to their favourite Merchants using the portal!


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