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In UbiZ we develop the best tools using geolocation system so you can enjoy a unique experience with your choices.

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Last Merchants Registered...

  • Bejani liquor store
    White river - South africa
  • Distribuidora ricaurte
    Chiquinquirá - Colombia
  • Zonacar
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Telas y herrajes
    Bogotá - Colombia
  • Casa korea
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Interlabco sas
    Ubaté - Colombia
  • Body20
    Nelspruit - South africa
  • Gdc global digital cooperative
    Badalona - Spain
  • óptica andina
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Purimax
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Pinturas galarraga, c.a.
    Maracay - Venezuela
  • Abogada miryam raigoza g.
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Dermivetz
    Barranquilla - Colombia
  • Jj auto1
    White river - South africa
  • Marmolería artística
    Bogotá - Colombia
  • Winchas y plataformas rojas
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Isi instituto internacional
    Riohacha - Colombia
  • El dani empanadas
    San miguel de tucumán - Argentina
  • Salon leonie
    White river - South africa
  • Escuela de baile lucy arroyo
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Centro comercial la 17
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Jefferson sport
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Centro medico veterinario
    Ubaté - Colombia
  • Distribuidora el paisa
    Samacá - Colombia
  • Bellas boutique ropa accesorio
    Bogotá - Colombia
  • Lechoneria san tropel
    Ubaté - Colombia
  • Excálibur muebles & tapicería
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Lic. essy porras
    Guatire - Venezuela
  • Automotriz electro tuning
    Bogotá - Colombia
  • Runway moda y accesorios
    San miguel de tucumán - Argentina
  • Ocky shop
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Fundación unidos por ellos
    San miguel de tucumán - Argentina
  • Pet shop y peluqueria canina
    Quito - Ecuador
  • Re agencia de publicidad
    Ciudad autónoma de bue... - Argentina
  • Dr. yvan gonzález
    Maracay - Venezuela
  • Centralprotección exequial
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Electrohogar pasto
    Pasto - Colombia
  • Propiedad comercial en venta
    Ibarra - Ecuador
  • Autoventas cifuentes
    Atuntaqui - Ecuador
  • Tobias distribuciones
    San miguel de tucumán - Argentina

With UbiZ create unique
experiences for your customers

Create dynamic messages based on your customers' location, preferences and more.
Drive actions that guide your customers to interact with your business.
Connect with your customers at the right time and place, through push notifications in real time.


We accompany you step by step with our explanatory e-books and videos where you can explore the full potential of new technologies applied to Customer Loyalty

MARKETING one-on-one

Personalized marketing allows you to publicize and promote your business. With UbiZ we provide you with all the tools to launch your loyalty program to your customers and encourage them with raffles, prizes and marketing actions for their smartphones.


UbiZ is a tool with the perfect channel for the most effective advertising in the world. Think about the importance of generating a bond with the client so that he can be present in his day to day; exploit this feature for the success of your business!

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